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We retired the Personal Data Journal at the end of 2012.

The Essential Guide for Any Company Affected by Personal Data

Personal Data Journal is the essential monthly guide written by and for personal data. Our subscribers are the ground-breaking technologists, product development enterprises, data entrepreneurs, and policymakers who are shaping and leading this rapidly-evolving sector. In each monthly issue, our experienced reporting team and respected guest contributors track, distill, and make sense of the 100+ emerging standards, rapidly growing number of listservs and companies, analyst reports, social media buzz, news, and insider talk.

Stay Apprised of this Emerging, Global Market

A small group of technology visionaries has toiled in the shadows for years to illuminate and shape an important, emergent market niche: The personal data marketplace. As disastrous privacy breaches become the norm, there’s growing pressure from many quarters to shift the locus of control over personal data from institutions to individuals. This profound change — like the revolutions initiated by automobiles, television, personal computers, and the web — promises to transform every aspect of our day-to-day lives, including how we buy and vote, how our children navigate in cyberspace, and how business and governments across the globe engage with people and their data.

Personal data has recently been described by the World Economic Forum as a “new asset class.” There are huge stakes — intellectual, financial, professional, and personal — for us all. How will you track the explosive growth of this entirely new landscape and gather the intelligence you need to make key decisions about your business and technology in a timely way?

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Published by PDEC, the Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium, Personal Data Journal is the comprehensive source for information in the emerging personal data services space, offering in-depth analysis and news no other publication does, or can. The Journal provides invaluable leverage to those in the vanguard of developing and delivering solutions and services in the personal data ecosystem. The Internet Society (ISOC) is funding PDEC’s research on the industry practices and trends the Journal will regularly examine and interpret. Each monthly issue boosts your sector intelligence with insightful, broad-based, and knowledgeable reporting. We do the legwork so you can focus on making the most profitable use of what we reveal in your sphere.

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Companies regularly spend at least $25,000 and up for analyst-grade coverage of important markets. In contract, the annual subscription rate for the Personal Data Journal, the key source of personal data sector intelligence, is quite affordable.

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