About Us

The Consortium was founded in 2010 by Kaliya “Identity Woman” Hamlin to catalyze a thriving ecosystem. We are:

  • connecting the entrepreneurs building new businesses around user-centric personal data;
  • advocating for individuals having the tools and rights to access and manage their own data; and
  • helping business sectors that depended on and made money in the old personal data ecosystem to transform their practices to make money in the new one.

The Startup Circle was founded in June of 2011. Its mission was to connect startups, particularly personal data startups. It was focused on proactively supporting the development of shared understanding and shared language, which are critical precursors for high-performance collaboration.  As PDEC grew and matured the Circle evolved, becoming the starting point for a larger and more inclusive organization.


Industry Collaborative is an ongoing aspect of PDEC.  This effort is for technologists and business leaders in banking,  telecom, cable, web, advertising, finance, device manufacturing, media and other industries seeking to understand opportunities, launch pilot projects and ultimately offer services in the ecosystem. Companies in these industries can become members of PDEC, working with PDEC on research projects or professional services and outreach.

Vision Development & Industry Outreach 

We hold true to one core non-negotiable: People are ultimately in control of the sum of their data.  There is a huge diversity of services and business models that can thrive in this ecosystem. We are focused on supporting these interoperable ecosystem visions becoming reality and communicating them to neighboring industries.

Standards Engagement and Development

To succeed, an effective personal data ecosystem needs to allow many different services to interoperate. We track developments in many formats, be they open standards efforts or proprietary IP . PDEC is  proactively engaged in several standards technical committees.