Directors – LaVonne Reimer


LaVonne Reimer

LaVonne Reimer brings a wealth of experience and unique network to the Board of PDEC. LaVonne is a lawyer-turned-entrepreneur specializing in markets with privacy, identity and regulatory sensitivities including financial services, commercial credit, and digital platforms for accredited education. Her experience in personal data goes well beyond crafting numerous privacy policies including architecting systems that embed ethical practices for personal data in code.

Founder and CEO experience includes Cenquest, a startup partnering with leading graduate schools to bring accredited programs to working adults online, and Open Tech Business Center, the first small business incubator for open source ecosystems. Most recently, LaVonne founded Lumenous, a data-sharing platform that helps small businesses harness and share credit information on their terms.

Lumenous has been a member of PDEC’s startup circle for several years and LaVonne joins the Board after serving on the governance committee that has facilitated the formalization of PDEC as an independent non-profit corporation.

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