Personal Data Economy Seminars for Enterprise Leaders

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Our full-day enterprise seminar for enterprise strategy, IT architecture, privacy, legal, and marketing professionals helps you develop your “small data” business models, strategy, and roadmap.

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Personal Data Economy Seminars for Enterprise Leaders:

Business Case

PDE501 is our in-depth briefing on the Personal Data Economy, delivered to your team at your company. We’ll cover core principles, technologies, business models, actors, risks, and strategies for success in the Personal Data Economy. The course enables innovators product managers, planners and future experts to develop their approach to small data and the PDE. (PDE502 covers most of the same material in one afternoon off-site.)

Talking Points:

  • The World Economic Forum reports personal data is the “New Oil.”
  • Gartner Group placed “Personal Clouds” as one of the top three trends in computing for 2013.
  • PDEC is uniquely positioned to offer evidence-driven insights: Close engagement with more than 40 personal data startups, active in the digital identity communities, and interviewing technology, industry and policy thought leaders.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Discuss the key technologies, approaches, and business models that make up the Personal Data Ecosystem, and the emergence of the Personal Cloud as a realistic, necessary and integral part of the aspects of digital life which are rapidly becoming the norm, and therefore vital in how to plan for, conduct, and manage both B2B and B2C transactions and interactions.
  • Discuss institutional and cultural characteristics that drive adoption of digital identity.
  • Map various types of personal data lifecycle, from creation to use.
  • Identify the ways that personal data affects business model design and market value.
  • Identify and analyze the trust models that underlie digital identity products.
  • Review key indicators that measure Enterprise & Public awareness and concern about the uses of personal data.
  • Discuss the risks and benefits of public sector attention and regulatory oversight.
  • Highlight forward-looking projects being developed by startups, government and educational institutions around the world.

Who participates in the program?

  • Enterprise strategy leaders
  • Product innovation and research labs
  • Technology architects
  • Marketing executives
  • Privacy professionals
  • Intellectual Property professionals


Our-Site Half-Day Individual Seminar

Our instructor-led seminar is delivered at a public venue, with about 10% of the time in discussion. The material is offered in English over four hours, including scheduled breaks. We use a combination of lecture, slides, and chalk-talks to present the material.

On-Site Full-Day Team Seminar

Our instructor-led seminar is delivered on customer premises, with about 20% of the time in discussion. The material is offered in English over seven hours, including scheduled breaks and a working lunch. We use a combination of lecture, slides, chalk-talks, and mapping exercises to present the material.

On-Site Two-Day Team Workshop

The first day is our instructor-led seminar, delivered on your premises, with about 20% of the time in discussion. The material is offered in English over seven hours, including scheduled breaks and a working lunch. We use a combination of lecture, slides, chalk-talks, and mapping exercises to present the material. The second day is a workshop facilitated to help you team produce an action plan through baseline assessment, opportunity analysis, risk inventories, stakeholder mapping, and pilot design.


Half-Day Seminar Outline

  • Introduction
  • Events and forces that influence the emerging Personal Data Economy
  • Large companies and industry initiatives
  • Trust Models and Digital Identity at Internet Scale
    • User-centricity and trust
    • Common protocols used in identity systems
    • Society and “ownership” of personal data
  • Personal Data Ecosystem Concepts and Principles
    • The Personal Data Economy Landscape
  • Big Data and Small Data
    • Small Data in practice
    • Small Data applications and challenges for business
  • Personal data collection, brokering, and use
    • How personal data affects people’s lives
    • Personal data and advertising
  • Notable startups
  • Government and citizen identity and the Personal Data Economy
  • Recap and Summary


The seminar includes digital copies of all the relevant materials for attendees.

Before the Seminar: A conference call with the instructor to confirm scope and tailor emphasis to suit your attendees. Included.

After the Seminar: A one hour follow-up teleconference offers an opportunity for questions and reinforcement. Included within 30 days.


  • Basic business analysis and technology analysis skills
  • Awareness of your own enterprise’s use of personal data



  • TBD


On-Site Pricing and Terms

Rates: Contact our registrar for a quote (form below) or call +1-510-290-0073.

Personal Data Economy Seminar.

Goal: Educate Team.

Duration: One day.

Pre-work: None.

Post-work: None.

Staff: One instructor.

Curriculum: Standard.

Seminar fees and travel.

Personal Data Economy Seminar – Custom.

Goal: Motivate Team.

Duration: One day.

Pre-work: 90 minute interview about needs and goals.

Post-work: Documentation kit. Three 30-minute conference calls for follow-up in next 30 days.

Staff: Two Instructors.

Curriculum: Tailored.

Seminar fees and travel.

Personal Data Economy 501 Workshop.

Goal: Project Kickoff.

Duration: Two days.

Pre-work: 90 minute interview about needs.

Post-work: Documentation kit. Three 30-minute conference calls for follow-up with instructors.

Staff: Two instructors for day one. Instructor and Consultant for day two.

Curriculum: Day One – Tailored Seminar. Day Two – Co-designed Project Roadmap Workshop, including internal and competitor assessment, goals and scenarios, and pilot project scoping.

Seminar fees and travel.

How to Order:

For our on-site seminar

Schedule a session with our registrar

    (form below) or call +1-510-290-0073. We’ll send you a proposal.

Pay with Mastercard, Visa, corporate debit card, PayPal, or corporate check. 25% deposit at project initiation. Invoice for balance and actual travel expenses payable on day of class.

For our open seminars and briefings, register via Eventbrite: for New York or for London.


Kaliya 'Identity Woman' Hamlin Kaliya “Identity Woman” Hamlin

Kaliya Hamlin, Executive Director and Founder of PDEC, the Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium, is a globally-recognized expert in personal data. Widely known as Identity Woman, Kaliya pioneered the social space that enabled the personal data ecosystem to take root.

In 2012, Kaliya was elected in August 2012 to the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) Identity Ecosystem Steering Committee, management council as delegate for consumer advocates. In 2012, the World Economic Forum (WEF) named Hamlin a Young Global Leader. She sits on the OASIS IDTrust member steering committee and is active in the Federated Social Web which recently moved its work to the W3C. You can see a complete list of industry affiliations and conferences she has founded here.

In 2009 Kaliya was named one of the most influential women in tech by Fast Company Magazine. She has presented keynotes to the Cloud Identity Summit 2012 and Gartner’s 2012 Identity and Access Management Summit in London. She has been on or moderated panels at Data Week SF, Privacy, Identity and Innovation, NIST’s IDTrust Conference, SXSW and BlogHer. Kaliya has trained and consulted with firms developing strategies and programs to implement the Personal Data Economy.

Other highlights of her career include co-founding the Internet Identity Workshop (with Doc Searls and Phil Windley). In 2010, she founded the Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium to catalyze the development of the Personal Data Economy. PDEC supports entrepreneurs and executives building products that support business goals by enabling personal control over personal data.

Kaliya is regularly interviewed in a range of media including The New York Times, MIT Technology Review, Business Week and ReadWriteWeb.

Steven Greenberg Steven Greenberg

Steve Greenberg is an experienced product manager, strategist, and technologist with a proven history of market-leading insight. His work has been the subject of feature articles on TechCrunch, Mashable, and ReadWriteWeb.

Steve was a director of The DataPortability Project, where he chaired the group that drafted the first Portability Policies. Steve has spoken at numerous conferences including Digital Hollywood, Glue, and Internet Identity World, and was a regular cast member on the “Data Without Borders” and “In Motion” podcasts. He is an alum of Vast, Aol, Epinions, and Netscape.

Three patents have been granted based on his work, and one is pending.


Next Steps…

PDEC’s education program supports our mission to catalyze a personal data ecosystem.