Monthly PDEC Community Call: Next Wednesday

The PDEC Community Conference Call is next Wednesday, August 6th.  This is the first of what will become a First-Wednesday-of-Every-Month call.  PDEC membership spans the globe.  Here is the time of the call in various time zones:

  • California/US West Coast: 8AM
  • New York/US East Coast:   11AM
  • London/UK:   4PM
  • Paris/Barcelona: 5PM

Please make a note of it on your calendars, set alerts, be sure to call in a little early if possible. We’ll post the dial-in number and the access code very soon.

Please think about agenda items you would suggest for the call.  If you have questions you’d like to ask of the community or an announcement or topic of discussion, let us know.  You can do that in a few ways.  Post them here in the comments or send them to me via email: If you want to receive email notification or calendar invites, please also let us know.

More info coming soon.  The call is just a few days off, so your feedback is more important with each passing hour!