Personal Data – The Heart of Connected Marketing

Michael Becker is the President of the PDEC Board of Directors.  Michael has been contributing regularly to LinkedIn’s Pulse feature, writing about Personal Data and Connected Marketing.  As Managing Partner of mCordis and the Connected Marketer Institute he has a strong focus on the Personal Information Economy (#PIE)  and how Personal Data is truly at the heart of Connected Marketing.

“As I’ve mentioned before, people today are more connected than ever before. The rapid increase of connected devices, their falling cost, and the ubiquitous connectivity, gives us the ability to be constantly connected. This has caused an irrevocable change in human behavior, forever changing the relationship between brands and individuals. Individuals now have the control to choose which brand messages to be receptive to, on whichever channel they choose, at their own convenience.

Because of the connected individual, we as connected marketers must strive to deliver exceptional brand experiences with each individual interaction. Collecting, storing and using data, specifically, personal data is a vital part of meeting those needs. It offers the chance to use personalization and automation at a scale never previously possible.”

The article can be seen in it entirety on the LinkedIn Pulse web page.