Resources: Forrester Report on Personal Data

“Consumers are leaving an exponentially growing digital footprint across channels and media, and they are awakening to the fact that marketers use this data for financial gain. This, combined with growing concerns about data security, means that individuals increasingly want to know when data (continued)

about them is being collected, what is being stored and by whom, and how that data is being used. As a result, a nascent industry is forming, with the promise of giving consumers control over their own data. We call this phenomenon personal identity management (PIDM). In this report, we outline what we expect PIDM will look like, and we provide Consumer Intelligence (CI) professionals with the insight to prepare for this impending change. “


The PDEC met with Forrester and they clearly understood what we were saying.  Hats off to them for their vision in seeing the space. Of course, that’s what they are supposed to do, but hat’s off anyway.

You can download the full report from Personal’s website:

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