SXSW – Another day in data heaven

South by Southwest continues to be a melting pot stewing up to an awesome blend! While my sessions have been a little ADD, I live with that so I can cope! It also seems like there is an underlying theme to all of this: getting what you need, using what you can, making what you miss, and protecting what you want.

From an engineer this morning talking about rethinking the way they still teach engineering ( from a linear procession to answer) so it encompasses the locale ( from terrain to temp to typical human within it), to a women who offers multiple personas online to shred the quantifying data gathered about you and possibly keep jobs in your future open, these folks are ridging the upcoming frontiers, not just the next generation of them. See How to Think Like a Scientist and Save the World by Ryan Martens and Fake It: Your Gide to Digital Self-Preservation by Pernille Tanberg.

Random meetings today generated thinking about this big data ecology in relationship to education. Met Jesse Grisak, grad student, hopeful game maker for education, and started a discussion about games in ed. I just completed a tour with SXSWEdu last week, and gamification is big because it provides real time data. Of course, like the health industry yesterday and the engineers today, what we DO with that data, how it can drive learning to a higher level or allow more individualized pacing for the learner will determine the worth of that data, at least on the human side.

While I am all for Grabbing the data resulting from a child’s interaction with a game to develop a personalized landscape for future learning, I have to wonder would the child have access to data resulting from their game? Why or why not?

Fave quotes so far:

Privacy is: Its all about controlling who knows what about you when
— Pernille Tanberg

As engineers, make simplifying assumptions about solving it…
Need to add these to evaluation matrix:
Effectiveness, feasibility, sustainability, desirability of the community
— Ray Martens

Driving parts of digital justice:

  • Access
  • Participation
  • Common ownership
  • Healthy communities

— Mike Meadow presenting Cultivating A Healthy Digital Ecology in Detroit

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