Anonymous announces #OpBigBrother for 1 June Day of Privacy

Anonymous today released a video and poster art for its 1 June 2013 “International Day of Privacy” #OpBigBrother action. The @OpBigBrother twitter account has been active for some time, urging opposition to drone surveillance, US congressional anti-privacy bills, and general government intrusion. Summer should be interesting . Related articles Anonymous – International Day of Privacy 02/23/2013 ( February 2013 Cyber Attacks […]

Field notes: What’s In A Name? Anonymity, Then and Now. SXSW

SXSWi 2013 session: “What’s In A Name? Anonymity, Then and Now“ “Anonymity” is a much-ballyhooed buzzword. But the complex issues of anonymity and authorship are far from unique to the Internet age. We’ve been here before.Turn back to 17th century Europe, when publishing was a less-than-classy enterprise. How uncouth! Still, anonymous works were circulated and […]

Kim Cameron – Microsoft: Social Network Users’ Bill of Rights

The  “Social Network Users’ Bill of Rights” panel at the South by Southwest Interactive (SXSW) conference last Friday had something that most panels lack:  an outcome.  The goal was to get the SXSWi community to cast their votes and h…