Let My Data Go, Storylane! Acquihire promises data portability

Storylane promises its customers a graceful exit.

Is it time to leave Facebook?

Amid plans for a $10bn share offering, the social networking giant has come under fire for its controversial ‘Timeline’ feature. Two Observer writers discuss the merits of logging off for goodJames Silver, writer and journalist I could blame it on the…

Is Facebook a Liberator or The Man?

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This post is highlighting content areas for The Future of Facebook project, a six-part video series exploring the impacts of social networking technologies on our lives and business. Image designed by th…

When will Skype’s Users Stop Being Skype’s Customers?

“If you are not paying for it,     you’re not the customer;       you’re the product          being sold.”
posted on Metafilter’s “User-driven discontent” thread by blue_beetle at 1…