White House responds to phone unlocking petition

The US Librarian of Congress decided unlocking your mobile phone is unlawful but the Obama administration thinks you should be have control over your cell or tablet. Does control of your data start with access to your network and control over your devices? 

What makes a VRM tool VRM?

Andrew Bogusky‘s New Conscious Consumer Bill of Rights post just came to my attention, thanks to this tweet by @jamiedsmith, who adds “Needs more symmetry of power for consumers though”.  All due respect to Andrew’s efforts (and he deserves m…

Google’s Wallet and VRM

Yesterday Google opened the curtain on Google Wallet. I think it’s the most important thing Google has launched since the search engine. Here’s why:
Reason #1: We’ve always needed an electronic wallet, especially one in our mobile phone. And, a…

Personal leverage for personal data

VRM is starting to snowball. You can see it in the Twitter scroll there on the right, and in Twitter searches for #VRM. Gaining velocity lately is personal data. To look down that vector, I’ll connect several links.
The first is Show Us the Data. (I…