GDPR – PDEC Members’ Viewpoint (versus that of many others?)

GDPR – PDEC Members’ Viewpoint (versus that of many others?) Combing the web for GDPR news and data, plus preventive and supportive offerings, one comes upon any number of findings. Consultants are teeming, from small fry one-man (or -woman) shows to the vey largest international big-name consulting firms. Data Management and protection firms are abundant […]

Countdown to GDPR: A pre-GDPR Object Lesson in France?

GDPR: CNIL Warns Direct Energie about Personal Data Location: France Date: March 2018 – 8 weeks ahead of May 25th On the 27th of March this year the French Data Protection Authority CNIL announced that it had issued a formal notice to DIRECT ENERGIE, Société, for its failure to obtain customer consent to collect customers’ […]

Personal Data: Tim Berners-Lee’s Worries & the GDPR

On the occasion of the 28th birthday (some might prefer anniversary) of Tim Berners-Lee submitting his proposal to CERN for what would become the World Wide Web,  he wrote an open letter on how the web has evolved and what must be done to fulfill his vision of an equalizing platform that would benefit all of […]