Open Letter to Google+ Profile Support

On Sep 19, 2011, at 11:25 AM, Google Profiles Support wrote:
Thank you for contacting us with regard to our review of the name you are trying to use in your Google Profile. After review of your appeal, we have determined that the name you want to…

Kevin Marks: Google Plus must stop this Identity Theatre

Bruce Schneier in Beyond Fear coined a phrase:one of the goals of a security countermeasure is to provide people with a feeling of security in addition to the reality. But some countermeasures provide the feeling of security instead of the reality. The…

Tools for Independence

So I signed up for Google+. I added some friends from the roster already there (my Gmail contacts, I guess). Created a small circle to discuss VRM. Nothing happened there that I know of right now, but I haven’t checked yet. I’m about to (see below)…

Google+ and the freedom to switch

Your product may have it made but people are fickle. Earning their love is the daily work. See you at Facebook’s Amazing Press Conference. art: XKCD.