VRM Day the Monday before IIW

6 May 2013 is VRM Day in Silicon Valley, California, the day before IIW.

White Paper: What Could Kill NSTIC? A friendly threat assessment

At two events 18-months apart, teams of suits, geeks, and wonks (industry experts, technologists, public policy analysts) brainstormed and scored what could lead to failure of NSTIC, an international effort to create an identity ecosystem. The whitepaper at http://pde.cc/nsticrisks recaps the long list of potential threats, a shorter list of preventive strategies, compares the 2011 and 2012 events, and names the two greatest threats: poor user experience (harming trust, adoption, use) and imbalance among the forces tying the identity ecosystem together.

2011 Year in Review (Part 2)

Part 2: The Second Half Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium had a busy 12 months. Here we are at the end of the year, and we wanted to catch you up. This is Part 2, a recap of the second half of 2011. PDEC people and Startup Circle companies are in bold. PDEC Events, Publications and Speaking […]

IIW was a great success!

PDEC hosted a session for big companies interested in Personal Data. We will be following up and exploring/developing workshops for those companies. Legal Advisory Board Our new Legal Advisory Board took shape with Judi Clark chairing the board. Notes from the session led by Mary Hodder and Judi are part of the IIW XIII session […]