There’s a new pain

Public expectations of privacy are expanding to include new powers and wider scope faster than governments, companies, and laws can keep up.

Anonymous announces #OpBigBrother for 1 June Day of Privacy

Anonymous today released a video and poster art for its 1 June 2013 “International Day of Privacy” #OpBigBrother action. The @OpBigBrother twitter account has been active for some time, urging opposition to drone surveillance, US congressional anti-privacy bills, and general government intrusion. Summer should be interesting . Related articles Anonymous – International Day of Privacy 02/23/2013 ( February 2013 Cyber Attacks […]

JAMA: A case for community health record banks

A JAMA opinion piece explains why community-based health record banks are a better path for health IT than monolithic data brokers like health information exchanges.

If you like online privacy, you’re probably a terrorist

The FBI and the Department of Justice thinks that if you use anonymizers, portals, or other means to shield IP address, then you could be engaged in or supporting terrorist activity. According to this flier, anyone who uses https is a potential terrorist, including google. If you think such policies are fine and don’t have […]