Harvard Law Review: Four principles for surveillance law

Neil Richards offers four principles for surveillance law: surveillance is not just for governments, secret surveillance and total surveillance are illegitimate, and surveillance is harmful. I add that surveillance is becoming something everyone and everything does, and that privacy is becoming about personal data as property.

Is Facebook a Liberator or The Man?

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This post is highlighting content areas for The Future of Facebook project, a six-part video series exploring the impacts of social networking technologies on our lives and business. Image designed by th…

Open Data Partnership

When the government threatened to regulate an industry that has for some time been playing fast and loose with people’s personal data, the industry proposed to open their databases–at least a little. The Open Data Partnership is claimed to be a “…

Mining the new Gold

The Wall Street Journal has been running a fantastic set of articles called What They Know. Today’s (15th in their series) is called TV’s Next Wave: Tuning In to You. This article states that:
Data-gathering firms and technology companies are aggre…