Thanks to a question from @RebeccaCaroe, VRM is now on the radar of Peppers & Rogers, a business consulting group I have followed and respected for nearly two decades. Much of what we’re doing with VRM is right in line with what Peppers & Rog…

CRM+VRM 2010 Follow-up

It’s been a week since VRM+CRM 2010, and there have been many conversations on private channels (emails, face-to-face, phone-to-phone, face-to-faces), all “processing,” as they say. Meanwhile we also have some very interesting postings to chew o…

Beyond caveat emptor

First, three posts by JP Rangaswami:

Does the Web make experts dumb?
Does the Web make esperts dumb, Part 2: who is the teacher?
Does the Web make experts dumb, Part 3: the issues

His bottom line in the last of those: “… people are saying the web…