The Mydex Story, Part 1

One of the joys of working with the many members of PDEC is getting to know the people and their companies.  It is safe to say that passion is a common trait.   We experience this during the monthly PDEC conference calls, as well as in other communications (meetups, calls, workshops and conferences).  As a result of conversations during a recent monthly PDEC conference call and subsequent communications, we are pleased to offer a four part blog post series from guest blogger David Alexander.

David is the Chief Executive, Co-Founder and and Platform Architect at Mydex.  In this four part series of posts David will shed light on the development of Mydex as a CIC, and the journey the company has been on, and where it is headed.  Enjoy reading it!

Part One

We have been members of the PDEC Start-Up circle since its inception and although we are based in the UK we know we are working on something with global implications. We have always felt engagement with fellow travelers is an essential part of making it happen and this is why PDEC is so important.

So here is Mydex CIC on Mydex the Community Interest Company, the Mydex Trust Framework, its ISO27001 certified platform and as a certified Fair Data company. We work for individuals and deliver benefits to everyone.

We are different and we are proud of it. So let’s set it out clearly who and what we are.

We will do this in four parts.

  • Part One and Two look at how we have tackled some of the hard problems first.
  • Part Three looks at Mydex as a Community Interest Company.
  • Part Four discusses Mydex’s business model and ongoing focus.

We were one of the first personal data stores and we are still around

Mydex CIC was founded on a clear social purpose, a legal structure that fosters trust and maintains independence and a technical platform that makes that concept real and tangible. We have stuck to our principles and we are still here and growing every month. We are live, we have won contracts, have major organisations connecting and activating and we have not had to compromise our values or business model. We are proud of that.

We have chosen to crack the hard problems first. We have worked hard to:

  • build a personal data infrastructure that is highly available, that can scale to offer our service securely globally, and is fast and resilient;
  • create an architecture of unique individually encrypted personal data stores under the control of the individual. Critical in this is that the individual and only the individual has the key. Mydex CIC is a “zero-knowledge” end to end encrypted service which has no access to or control over an individual’s data. We simply provide the means to collect, store, organise and share it securely.
  • build security into everything we do – the whole company is ISO 27001 compliant which means we operate to globally recognised standards for information security management. We are also a certified Fair Data company.

We’re in this for the long haul unlike ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ startups seeking to make a quick turn on an idea. That is why we became a CIC, became ISO27001 and Fair Data certified. It takes time, conviction and resolve to make that happen.