Collaborative Intellectual Work

New Digital Economics

November 10, 2011 – London
Kaliya Hamlin was on a panel to discuss the Personal Data Ecosystem with 3 startup Circle members:

  • William Heath, Founder & Chairman, Mydex
  • Marcel Van Galen, CEO/Founder, QIY
  • Luk Vervenne, CEO, Synergetics

Along with: John Harrison, Personal Information Brokerage, Herve Le Jouan, CEO, Privowny, and Richard Benjamins, Director of User Modeling, Telefonica Digital. See Kaliya’s post about these two sections of her trip. She presented the Personal Data Ecosystem Landscape.

W3C Technical Plenary and Advisory Committee – Federated Social Web Group

November 1, 2011 – Santa Clara, CA
Kaliya Hamlin participated in the first face-to-face meeting of the group and was part of the small group who revised the identity charter that had been proposed to a much narrower scoped Web Cryptography Charter.

IIW 13 was a great success!

October 17-19, 2011 – Mountain View

  • PDEC’s New Legal Advisory Board took shape with Judi Clark Chairing the effort. Notes from Judi’s andMary Hodder’s IIW session are here.
  • Kaliya Hamlin hosted a session for big companies interested in Personal Data. We will be following up and exploring developing workshops for those companies.
  • Customer Commons was created the day before IIW started with a group ranging from Doc and Joyce Searls to Craig Burton, Judi Clark, Joe Andrieu, Mary Ruddy, Mary HodderDrummond Reed, Britt Blaser, Markus Sabadello, and others. Customer Commons has evolved from the work at Project VRM, by Doc Searls and a large active community of VRMers. PDEC will be collaborating closely with Customer Commons. PDEC’s collaboration will help companies offer early access to new Personal Data products to individual members to get feedback and early adoption from those folks very interested in the space. Notes from the working session are here.
  • Markus Sabadello held a session on PDEC Technical Documentation and Interoperability. Notes are here.
  • IIW opened Thursday with “Yukon Day,” and many Startup Circle members and all of the companies doing something around personal data participating and sharing how they fit in to an overall ecosystem landscape.
  • Kaliya Hamlin hosted a session on a Personal Data Ecosystem overview.

PDEC Startup Circle members met with Privacy Commissioner of Ontario before IIW

PDEC Startup Circle members met with Privacy Commissioner of Ontario before IIW

Dinner with Ann Cavoukian, Privacy Commissioner of Ontario

(L-R: Kaliya Hamlin – Executive Director PDEC, Markus Sabadello – Project Danube, Drummond Reed –, Mike Schwartz – Gluu, Michelle Chibba – Director of Policy with office of the Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, Ann Cavoukian – Privacy Commissioner of Ontario (standing), Jason Cavnar – (standing), Shane Green – Personal (standing), Henrik Biering – Peercraft, Joe Andrieu – Switchbook,Mary Hodder – Chair PDEC, Iain Henderson – The Customer’s Voice. Missing from picture Lindsay Crittendon– who also attended.)

Ann Cavoukian is well known for her Privacy by Design initiative and was in San Francisco to speak at Web 2.0 Summit, held concurrently with IIW. PDEC arranged a dinner with the Startup Circle companies and Cavoukian for the Sunday prior to the conferences. The conversation was wide ranging and those present had a chance to share how they were building privacy-by-design into their core business and technical architectures. We also discussed the challenges in the ecosystem and how she would support privacy-by-design initiatives.