VRM Day the Monday before IIW

6 May 2013 is VRM Day in Silicon Valley, California, the day before IIW.

Anonymous announces #OpBigBrother for 1 June Day of Privacy

Anonymous today released a video and poster art for its 1 June 2013 “International Day of Privacy” #OpBigBrother action. The @OpBigBrother twitter account has been active for some time, urging opposition to drone surveillance, US congressional anti-privacy bills, and general government intrusion. Summer should be interesting . Related articles Anonymous – International Day of Privacy 02/23/2013 ( February 2013 Cyber Attacks […]

SXSW – Another day in data heaven

South by Southwest continues to be a melting pot stewing up to an awesome blend! While my sessions have been a little ADD, I live with that so I can cope! It also seems like there is an underlying theme to all of this: getting what you need, using what you can, making what you […]

SXSW starts it off right!

Interactive is just what implies: interaction. From an early session on Making it Rain in Non-techy Markets to Who Owns the Data? Self-Tracking to Health 2.0, I am already contemplating questions I’d never considered, approaching new ways of viewing ID in the cloud, and meeting French entrepreneurs starting home-cooked meal websites. This is the beauty […]