Our Presentations and Publications:

SDForum TechWomen Presentation

ID & Data presented at SDForum TechWomen from Kaliya Hamlin.

TEDx Constitution Drive: The Identity Spectrum

This was the first time I Presented about the Spectrum of Identity. I have since given this talk a few times…it has improved.

TEDxBrussels: Participatory Totalitarianism

November 22, 2011 – Brussels Kaliya Hamlin presented on pseudonyms and identity on November 22, 2011 in Brussels.

Informal Talk at SWIFT headquarters

November 2 – Brussels Kaliya Hamlin took advantage of being in Brussels to visit the headquaters of SWIFT and gave a talk at lunchtime to over 100 employees. She practiced her TED talk and went on to share some of the key aspects of the ecosystem.