White Paper: What Could Kill NSTIC? A friendly threat assessment

At two events 18-months apart, teams of suits, geeks, and wonks (industry experts, technologists, public policy analysts) brainstormed and scored what could lead to failure of NSTIC, an international effort to create an identity ecosystem. The whitepaper at recaps the long list of potential threats, a shorter list of preventive strategies, compares the 2011 and 2012 events, and names the two greatest threats: poor user experience (harming trust, adoption, use) and imbalance among the forces tying the identity ecosystem together.

Personal Data Journal #5: Fast Cars, Breaking Standards, and Life at the DataEdge

Our summer issue has more than one hundred pages of analysis, news, and actionable resources. Catch up on the personal data space.

What technologies do PDEC startups use? [Free Report]

PDEC publishes a report showing which technologies personal data ecosystem startups use. Considered are architecture, user identity and authentication, data models and types of personal data, access APIs, privacy and security methods, and interoperability scenarios.

Personal Data Journal #3

 In this Issue: Feature Article: Personal Data in Decentralized Network Architectures, by Markus Sabadello, Technical Analyst Special Report:  Privacy Bill of Rights from the White House, Book Review: The Daily You & Consent of the Networked Opinions Personal Data as a New Asset Class: Petroleum or Snake Oil? by Sara Wedeman Words of a Feather by Tony Fish Publisher’s Note: […]