VRM Day the Monday before IIW

Doc Searls

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Doc Searls announced VRM Day to the ProjectVRM list:

IIW… <http://www.InternetIdentityWorkshop.com> … is happening at the usual place, and the usual way, in Mountain View, CA, in the middle of the first full week of May. Specifically, 7-9 May, Tuesday to Thursday.

VRM Day will happen the day before: Monday, 6 May, somewhere in San Francisco or the Peninsula.

VRM Day is for planning what we’ll work on at IIW, which began by focusing on identity, but includes whatever we want. VRM has been one of the main things for the last few years.

We need a location. Ideas and connections are invited. Last time we met at the Computer History Museum. But it can be anywhere.

Come if you’re going to be at IIW or want to contribute to planning what we’ll be working on.

This year much new stuff is going on and moving forward.

Personal Clouds didn’t exist as a topic a year ago, although its rhetorical ancestor, Personal Event Networks, did. The difference is that it’s hot now, and possibly at the core of everything else we do with VRM and/or the Internet of Things (or The Internet of Me and My Things).

Intentcasting was still Personal RFP last year. Now it’s a newer thing, and all the .orgs and .coms working on it are working differently than they did only a few weeks or months ago.

Persona, formerly BrowserID, from Mozilla, may finally give us social login that’s not in some giant company’s silo.

Microsoft is clearly drifting toward serving individuals first and corporates second, if all we have to go by is its defaulting Do Not Track in the ON position.

Customer Commons both exists and is working with Berkman’s Cyberlaw Clinic at Harvard on terms and policies that individuals can assert.

Tracking and ad blocking are the hottest browser add-ons, and there is a huge need felt by both developers and site-builders for finding ways to harmonize intentions and means toward agreeable ends on both sides. In addition there is a need to harmonize the experiences of detecting and understanding tracking, and viewing the whole complex whatever-it-is that tracking and advertising has become. There is a good chance that advertising folk will be there as well. We need to meet them with open code, standards and intentions, as well as arms (of the human sort).

Health Care VRM (by whatever name) is heating up. Much to talk and work toward there, including everything happening in QS (Quantified Self). Other verticals, such as real estate and banking, are also heating up and on the table.

Sovereign vs./+ Administrative identities. This is very much a VRM topic, and at some distance from the administrative identity focus IIW was created to transcend, and continues to bog down identity solutions still. Will Persona make a difference here, since it’s less administrative than anything else that looks like it?

Personal data in general is, as always a hot topic. This is more in Kaliya and PDE.Cc’s camp, but it’s bound to be discussed at IIW, and we need to be talking to each other about it.


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