Welcome to PDEC, Personal Cloud community!

So you’re interested in becoming a member of PDEC’s startup circle? It’s easy to join, the benefits are useful for startups, and you can afford it.

It’s easy to join. All startups that join PDEC hold a few common values, and state so publicly. We believe:  

  • User-centricity works
  • Personal Control over Personal Data is good for users and the ecosystem

Would you agree? Great!

Our startups come in a few flavors.

  • Some are building personal data stores, repositories for holding personal data on behalf of users, serving as their infomediaries.
  • Others run personal data ecosystem infrastructure, serving other developers through web services.
  • A few offer personal identity services, including ID proofing.

There’s lots of diversity in our membership:

  • Some of our members are small, some large;
  • Some are brand-new and others have been working for years;
  • Some are open-source and public with APIs and code while others are building closed;
  • Some are private while others are NGOs;
  • Some offer general-purpose utilities while others are carefully niched and serve verticals.

Joining takes three steps.

  1. Apply. Fill out the form below: we’ll send you the membership packet and the application. It takes about a half hour to answer some simple questions. Return the application.
  2. Review. Current members will review your app to assure alignment with our core values. It takes about a week or so for review and approval. 
  3. Approval. You’ll receive your welcome aboard packet. 

It’s good to belong.

Our “onramp” steps for new members includes 

  • Joining a members-only community. Your ecosystem backchannel. 
  • Directory listing. Visibility. 
  • Badges for your web site. The PDEC trustmark stands for personal control of personal data.  
  • Intake interview. Our staff better understands who you are and what you need, the better to make synergistic introductions within the community.

Ongoing, you’ll benefit from our four PDEC programs.

  • Community. We host face-to-face events in Europe and North America. 
  • Education. We publish white papers and hold seminars explaining the personal data economy to enterprises, investors, and entrepreneurs. 
  • Advocacy. We engage with government US and European initiatives like NSTIC to promote user-centric identity and personal control of personal data. 
  • Research. We research and share findings about personal data technology, business models, ecosystems, and social impact for our members and the public.  

And membership is affordable.

Your annual membership fee is scaled by stage – garage, angel, venture, public – so PDEC is always affordable. 

Take a look at some of our members…

Our Startup Circle directory is a great place to see the community you’re joining.

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