NSTIC & Ethical Data Markets

Today I sent a letter out to the Startups in the Consortium. I thought I should post some of what I said to them here.

There are now a few work products that we [PDEC] should review, the NSTIC Functional Model Elements & contents of Trust Frameworks. 

I will be hosting a session at IIW to discuss how personal clouds can fit in their model and bringing the leaders of that in via skype. 

Trust frameworks one way to think of them is the contract glue that enables ID Technologies to operate in the real world. I am concerned by the number of companies and pilots that have strong defense industry ties.  It is clear to me that the predominant world view they have as companies is not user-centric.  I think we should consider writing a letter to NSTIC to explain key aspects of our worldview – essential elements to making the vision of NSTIC real.

Ethical Data Markets & New Business Models have surfaced in NSTIC. 

They were listed as a node we co-created last week. We should also work to share some of our progress on making this happen with the organization.