PDEC Movers, Shakers and Bakers

We invite you to help the PDEC community build an online directory of Personal Information Economy (PIE) Movers, Shakers, and Bakers (MSB), the individuals and organizations, that are shaping and contributing to the growth of the personal information economy.

  • Movers – Those that drive growth, influence and make investment
  • Shakers – Disruptive innovators and commentators within the personal information economy.
  • Bakers – Those who build things (products, services, events, programs, etc.)

If you’re a mover, shaker or baker, or know of someone or an organization that is, please complete the form and submit it to PDEC.  Please complete a new submission for each individual or organization you’d like to submit to the PDEC MSB registry.

Thanks for helping PDEC build this resource to memorialize and commemorate the movers, shakers and bakers in the Personal Information Economy and our Ecosystem.