Walking in the Cloud @ SXSW

Cloud Identity session @ SXSW 2013 Join Gluu CEO & Founder Mike Schwartz for an official SXSW meetup and discussion on current Internet standards for identity from the IETF and other relevant organizations, including OAuth2 and OpenID Connect. [Editor: Gluu is in PDEC’s Startup Circle.] Also learn about adoption trends and market predictions for both consumer […]

What technologies do PDEC startups use? [Free Report]

PDEC publishes a report showing which technologies personal data ecosystem startups use. Considered are architecture, user identity and authentication, data models and types of personal data, access APIs, privacy and security methods, and interoperability scenarios.

Rewriting the Religion of Directory Services

by Nick Crown, Director of Product Marketing In reading a recent post on our blog, I was reminded of a couple of false tenets related to LDAP-based directories that we often hear in the marketplace. But before I get down … Continue reading