The Personal Data Story

Yesterday MyDex launched its Community Prototype at IIW. Coverage —

Big long list of #mydex tweets
NewMediaAge: DMA and government departments trial data privacy platform
Civil Society: Consumers can control their data in new data store

The whole r…

Revision: “Personal Data Service” AND “Personal Data Store” Go Together

On the Project VRM telecon today, we had an excellent discussion regarding “PDS” terms and my blog post last Sunday (Out with “Personal Data Store”, In with “Personal Data Service”). Iain Henderson of Mydex made the point that the key advan…

Taking Off Another Hat

After piling on too many hats on for the longest time, I’m now peeling some off. First I took off the Open Identity Exchange (OIX) Executive Director hat in August, and now I’m stepping down as Information Card Foundation (ICF) Executive Director a…