There’s a new pain

Public expectations of privacy are expanding to include new powers and wider scope faster than governments, companies, and laws can keep up.

WEF Report #3: Unlocking the Value of Personal Data!

The World Economic Forum released its third major report about Rethinking Personal Data: Unlocking the Value of Personal Data: From Collection to Usage. PDEC has worked with the WEF’s Rethinking Personal Data project since before its first gathering in the Summer of 2010. It is really gratifying to see this third report come out and […]

World Economic Forum update

The Rethinking Personal Data project of the World Economic Forum (WEF) telecommunications group continues. They are actively working on developing a potential framework of how personal data can be shared when derived from different formats. Kaliya Hamlin and other startup circle members attended WEF meetings in New York City on October 4-5.

World Economic Forum starts work on Data Portability

When titans of industry and state meet, worlds can change. The World Economic Forum launched a three year “Rethinking Personal Data” project, including data portability. Their first report, Personal Data: The Emergence of a New Asset Class, shows t…