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Tick, tick, tick. it’s here … GDPR!

May 25th GDPR DAY! It’s here, today is the day. After a ticking clock, the day has arrived. May 25th – the GDPR has gone from discussion and preparation to reality. Or has it? With today being a Friday, and Monday being a bank holiday across most of Europe, the real impact won’t set in […]

GDPR Readiness: Ostrich or Scout?

GDPR Readiness: Ostrich or Scout? In 1907 the motto of the British Scouts was devised, Be Prepared. It was first published in 1908. The Boy Scouts of America adopted it in 1910. A Scout must BE PREPARED. When Robert Baden-Powell, the originator of the motto was asked, prepared for what, he replied, “Why, for any […]

Roundup, 21 March 2013 – Personal Data at SXSW, JAMA, and Pandora

It’s been an interesting week in personal data. Here’s the scoop. Mark your calendar: STL New Digital Economics, Silicon Valley, 19-20 March QS SV Meetup with Stanford Medicine X, Stanford, 20 March Quantified Self Show&Tell, Berkeley, 22 March Personal Cloud Community Gathering #3, Microsoft, San Francisco, 4 April PDNYC meetup #2, Manhattan, (early April) Internet Identity Workshop […]

Personal Data Journal 6: The Affect Economy

We have a new issue of the Personal Data Journal for you.