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An Alternative Point of View on Personal Data and Patents

PDEC member Stan Smith offers this guest blog post on patents and Personal Data.  Stan holds a number of patents, and feels this is a genuine method of doing the right thing.  From time to time we’ve noticed that patent-holders raise hackles among those who champion open source, and feel there is a major difference […]

Changes at PDEC – New Communications Director

There are several changes happening at PDEC. Kaliya has a new job! Yeah! She is co-CEO of the Leola Group with her partner William Dyson. She has more about the story on her blog. It is a continuation of the efemurl project that she has been working with him on since September. We have created […]

FLIP Labs is coming to IIW

Theory of Change.  What’s that? We have to figure ours out.  Theory of change is a buzz word from the philanthropic and social change worlds. It is how you explain how you think change happens and it impacts how you invest your time and money to create the change you seek in the world.  I […]

NSTIC & Ethical Data Markets

Today I sent a letter out to the Startups in the Consortium. I thought I should post some of what I said to them here. There are now a few work products that we [PDEC] should review, the NSTIC Functional Model Elements & contents of Trust Frameworks.  I will be hosting a session at IIW […]