Inspiration: Since the early naughts,  Kaliya Hamlin has maintained a relationship with the Social Venture Network (SVN). From her friends, who were among the network’s founding members, she learned about its origins.  More than 25 years ago, Josh Mailman — one of the network founders — convened the first gathering with  CEOs in the natural foods industry in the U.S..  He wanted to connect them to share best practices, learn from each other, get support and work together to grow the entire industry and create a movement.   Since then, SVN has transformed the conventional food industry; organic products are not only mainstream but also highly desirable.

First Conversations: The first conversations leading to the development of this organization took place in the winter of 2010 among Kaliya Hamlin, William Heath, Iain Henderson, Mike Shwartz, Phil Windley, Joe Johnston, Paul Trevithic, Marc Davis, Renee Lloyd and Drummond Reed.

First Principles: Kaliya Hamlin and Phil Windley both independently wrote Personal Data Ecosystem Principles in the summer of 2010.

First Site: In October 2010, Kaliya Hamlin built the first Personal Data Ecosystem website, aggregating information about the latest activity among start-ups focused on personal data.

Conference: The Internet Identity Workshop, co-founded by Kaliya Hamlin, Doc Searls and Phil Windley,  serves as a critical community convening.  The eleventh  IIW was the first time issues really took center stage.

First Response to Government: Kaliya Hamlin and Mary Hodder jointly wrote responses to the Federal Trade Commission and the U.S. Department of Commerce.

First Major Analysis Project: Joseph Boyle analyzed both sets of responses.

Participation in W3C Work on Do Not Track and Browser ID: PDEC submitted position papers and attended both of these workshops.

Startup Circle: The PDEC group that met in June 2011 convened the first meeting of startup companies into a Startup Circle. Our connecting these emerging companies  — all of whom share a strong commitment to end-user control over their data — was a groundbreaking event. These businesses are similar to the green/sustainable/natural foods companies, which can’t  do the good they want to do unless they also make money.  To be successful in both arenas — economic and protecting personal data ownership — they are creating an alignment between for-profit and socially responsible business models, and collaborating to create a culture that uniformly protects and serves the interests of the individuals whose data they service. These companies mirror the early organic and natural foods companies that founded SVN and  they are setting a high bar for ethical data services for individuals.

Requests to Speak: We have been invited to speak at the following events:

  • Do Not Track thingy
  • Privacy Identity And Innovation, May 2011
  • NSTIC Privacy Workshop, June 2011
  • New Digital Economics, Palo Alto and London
  • Privacy Identity And Innovation Venture Forum, December 2011
  • Panel at RSA about NSTIC, February 2012
  • Keynoting Gartner’s Identity and Access Management Summit in London, March 2012
  • Digital Identity World Australia, March 2012
  • New Digital Economics, March 2012

Industry Workshops:

In the fall of 2011, Kaliya Hamlin developed a one-day workshop.

Personal Data Journal:

Launched in January 2012.