Current PDEC Committees

Interoperability Committee is responsible for promoting the maximum level of interoperability across and between the Personal Data Ecosystem roles to afford the maximum flexibility and potential for innovation and alignment to our core mission and principles. This includes:

  • maintaining sight of and views on emerging standards, trends and certification regimes and identifying mechanisms to resolve disputes.
  • coordination of work across different standards and accreditation bodies for the benefit of the personal data ecosystem and PDEC members.
  • serving as source of best practices in relation to interoperability.
  • to act as a lobbying group for our stakeholders to promote interoperability.

Research Committee is responsible for ensuring that PDEC has a forward looking and relevant research programme to support its mission and core principles and the needs of its members in whatever roles they undertake within the personal data ecosystem. This includes:

  • collating wider research and deriving insights from these for PDEC members
  • undertaking primary research where no other sources of research are available or uneconomical to access
  • acting as a curator for research resources
  • providing education resources and capability
  • acting as a lobbying group for our stakeholders
  • seek out and secure funding and sponsorship to research objectives and programme

The Glossary Committee is responsible for building and promoting a common language for the Personal Data Ecosystem and is accountable for maintaining an exhaustive glossary of terms and concepts related to same. Its activities include:

  • providing linkages to authoritative sources of information that accurately defines such terms and concepts.
  • reconciling any terminology conflicts or overlaps to ensure that all members and participants share a common language that makes achieving understanding and interoperability easier and improves the quality and consistency of research outputs.
  • seek out sources of grant funding and sponsorship for the maintenance and development of the glossary
  • Collaborate with the interoperability and research committees in order to deliver an integrated programme of work and avoid duplication of effort