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Dean Landsman

Dean Landsman is a communications, marketing and media specialist with decades of experience in broadcasting and on the internet. An announcer, radio executive, station owner and broadcasting consultant during the 1970s, 80s and 90s, Dean was among the initial communications professionals to embrace the web. Since then, he has led new digital and online developments, and trained colleagues and clients to apply New Tech, New Media, Digital Strategy and Social Media technologies to their benefit.

In the early 1990’s, Dean was a leader of the Broadcast Professionals forum on CompuServe, back in the days when CompuServe practically was the web. Not long after, Dean was a pioneer in the weblog phenomena. His blogs Deanland (1999) and Dean on Baseball (2000) were among the first wave of weblogs to appear regularly and to attract loyal followings.

An ability to work with equal comfort in the creative, the analytical and commercial environments, and to facilitate communications and interaction within these sometimes fractious departments has been a major asset in providing consulting services and management guidance.

Dean is the Executive Director of PDEC (Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium), a Fellow at NYU’s SCPS (School for Continuing Professional Studies), the Treasurer (as well as a Steward) of Identity Commons, and works with Project VRM at The Berkman Center at Harvard. He is a Research Fellow at the financial research and investment firm Coburn Ventures. Dean is a board member of TeleTruth, and of the NYC Chapter of Social Media Club, also its Treasurer.

Dean is a lifelong baseball fan and ardent follower of the NY Yankees. He is often spotted attending games at Yankee Stadium keeping score by hand, all the while tweeting and messaging about the game. He is married, and has two adult children. They’ve never known life without a computer or an internet connection.

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