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Here’s our roster of firms and projects committed to building a personal data ecosystem that true to our core values. Be in good company and join PDEC’s Startup Circle.



Allfiled has been in the personal data services business since before there was such a business. We got up and running in 2007 with the idea that people should be able to store their key information assets online, and have their data work for them. We knew from the start that this was a ‘big idea’, so built our systems for scale; but on reflection we were a bit early, and our proposition needed to be improved; especially around data entry. Uptake was okay, but not at the scale required to really grow the business, so the ‘file your stuff’ proposition took a back seat, whilst we worked with some big B2C organisations in what amounted to more of a document management mode for several years.


Allfiled builds and runs personal data services to enable individuals to better source, manage and use their personal information.