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Here’s our roster of firms and projects committed to building a personal data ecosystem that true to our core values. Be in good company and join PDEC’s Startup Circle.



COMRADITY has a vision for a community building platform. We believe in building  communities from the bottom up. A COMRADITY community is only as good as the  camaraderie among individual participants. By camaraderie we mean relationships characterized by trust, transparency, and individual freedom of choice.  We are seeking a development partner to build a platform which facilitates individuals to  develop camaraderie and build a community on this foundation. There is a lot to consider in a virtual world, where one lacks the physical, visual references which contribute to trust and the  choice to physically separate from others.  While we are looking for a development partner we are developing a physical place dedicated to  learning and creating digital arts – We figure that it will be a lot  easier to design a platform for a specific context and then consider how to “universalize” it.


COMRADITY is registered US trademark which combines the words “community” and “camaraderie”.