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Here’s our roster of firms and projects committed to building a personal data ecosystem that true to our core values. Be in good company and join PDEC’s Startup Circle.

Emmett Global

Contact: Kenneth Lefkowitz
Work Phone: 914-420-5550


Emmett Global offers simple tools that enable groups and individuals to enjoy online life with faster browsing free of uninvited trackers. Emmett does this by offering best-of-class open-source solutions currently used by millions to ordinary people, with a simple installation. Emmett deploys this solution as a platform for non-profit groups who wish to be closely involved with their constituents and beneficiaries, while at the same time protecting their privacy. Examples include Customer Commons, 52nd Project Street, and Helping Hands Bring Sunshine.


Groups and Individuals use Emmett, a simple browser plugin that speeds browsing, protects privacy, raises funds & builds brand awareness.