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Here’s our roster of firms and projects committed to building a personal data ecosystem that true to our core values. Be in good company and join PDEC’s Startup Circle.

Contact: Ishan Shapiro


An intuitive, cloud-hosted visual programming interface designed for use by change agents to integrate, organize and analyze disparate data and knowledge sources, using data science + design thinking to curate insights and intelligence into narratives.

Our platform is designed to navigate, curate, and create multidimensional data + media narratives. We draw from the latest in graph interface visualization toolkits to curate smart data through meaning-making techniques at the interface and database layers. Our focus is on UX and experience design, combined with advanced graph analysis, making it intuitive to resolve, then correlate datasets and build smart data (intelligence) by applying statistical + semantic methods to reveal meaning.

Notes is a visual communication engine using data science and design thinking to empower rich experiences of knowledge & content.