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These companies joined the PDEC Startup Circle in 2012 and 2011. They are developing tools, systems and services for personal control over personal data. The industry of managing personal data assets wisely creates new economic opportunities, a magnet for talent and capital. Read more about joining us!

Members of the PDEC Startup Circle:


Allfiled – UK

“At Allfiled we believe that individuals will become the best point of integration and origination for data that relates to them; we provide tools and services that will help this change come about. This will have significant impact on the relationships between individuals and their suppliers, with both parties having much to gain from this shift. We have been providing personal data services since 2007, and plan to re-launch an upgraded service in 2012.”




bitWorld – Portland, Oregon, USA

“bitWorld has a simple mission: help individual innovators to expand the reach of their efforts to improve the social good. bitWorld achieves its purpose by:

  • Identifying individuals with a proven record of execution and passion in applying technology in context
  • Assessing the opportunities and capabilities of the individual and their environment
  • Building a resource network and providing infrastructure services to help individuals build sustainable social businesses around their innovations”


Cloudstore TechnologiesSunnyvale, California, USA 

“Create your personal cloud.”

Johannes Ernst, CEO., @cldstr


Consumer Marketing Rights – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

“Consumer Marketing Rights was founded on the belief that consumers have the right to own, manage, and control their online data (i.e., data about them and their online activities) and to decide how that data is used to market to them.  CMR’s purpose is to help transform that belief into practice.”

Craig Lipman, CEO. email:


ComradityCOMRADITY – New York, USA

“A sense of community creates the trust necessary for camaraderie to happen and camaraderie is the reason people keep coming back.  We are starting with the COMRADITY Digital Arts Resource Centers Network to serve Independent Creative Professionals and those who aspire to learn from them.  It has both physical and virtual places – a real estate development and an online network to meet the needs of these mobile and ‘isolated’ workers.  We are developing methods and systems to maximize freedom by balancing independence and collaboration.”



Lifedash – Tampa, Forida, USA

“Lifedash is a user-centric privacy-based platform that combines a unique mix of data ownership and selective sharing between trusted entities.  Trust is further enhanced through validation of shared information; this allows Lifedash users to feel confident in their daily interactions.  Utilizing the science of positive psychology, the Lifedash platform has been engineered for user engagement through memorialization, validation, and the sharing of life experiences.  Familiar social web interfaces combined with trusted information and open APIs provides third party developers the opportunity to build contextually aware applications that were never before possible.”


MetaconnectorsMetaconnectors – San Francisco Bay Area, USA

“MetaConnectors is an online tool for creating networks that facilitate information sharing and collaboration within an organization or group of people who share some common interest, purpose or goal. The networks offer a rich set of tools for handling network participation data, network-related news, discussions, event calendars, and online collaborative working spaces, all with fine-grained intuitive privacy controls. The software will also provide a convenient UI for forming affiliations and coalitions with other networks implemented in a standards-based fashion. MetaConnectors explicitly claims no ownership of the content created by a network’s participants, and subscribes to the principles of the OIX Respect Trust Framework.”


OwnYourInfo – Brooklyn, New York, USA

OwnYourInfo – A personal data store for safe, organized and efficient access and distribution of sensitive and routine personal information.

The web and iPhone app provide individuals with a curated set of information templates to help individuals get organized, and a document management system for storing and encrypting sensitive files.  Individuals can use OwnYourInfo to share their organized information more efficiently with their trusted contacts.


PIB-d Ltd – Newbury, United Kingdom

“As a joint-venture between the UK’s HE sector and private sector entrepreneurs, PIB-d – like PDEC itself – seeks to create an ecosystem, of what we call ‘personal information brokers (PIB)’.  We envisage that individuals will use a broker account to: (i) link to, and communicate with, multiple counterparties – such as organisations (initially universities), individuals (initially students), and also things (such as smart phones, door locks, sensors etc); and then (ii) give explicit permission for the transmission of personal information to, and between such counterparties.   We are keen to collaborate with related initiatives: do get in touch to discuss.”



PlanetworkSan Francisco, California, USA

“Planetwork is building a Citizen Cloud to serve the needs of people from overlapping communities of purpose, place and practice. Non-profit organizations that need a shared social network will offer it to their members. Private companies that provide tools and services will benefit from early adopters. Planetwork will use the OIX Trust Framework to create a legally binding shared privacy policy. Once a large network of people control their data, the network will offer a VRM relationship to companies that wish to access the network. Planetwork is a San Francisco based non-profit that published the ASN (Augmented Social Networks) White Paper in 2003.”



Privowny – Palo Alto, CA, USA
Own Your Privacy

“DISCOVER what the Internet knows about you, REMEMBER things that are important to you, CONTROL all of that information in one place.”


Tangled – Arlington, VA, USA

“We’re re-branding p2p as Person2Person and creating personal applications for better personal interactions. Our SAAS technology is a person-centric and mobile personal data store that empowers customers to control their information flows and build stronger relationships.

Tangled puts the person at the center of their Tangled Web. We focus on real-world interactions in a holistic personal data model. We believe that the next generation of devices will empower personal endpoints. At the heart of P2P Technology are our core beliefs that people should have simple options for privacy, control, portability, and security.”

Co-Founders: Ankit KapasiDoug VestalCarter ChandlerRaz Martyniuk Phone: +1 603.682.7483



It’s your identity.  Virtrue provides a secure identity verification platform for consumers and Enterprises.  Our technology merges data from a variety of sources to enable an individual to surface verifiable information about themselves.  They can then use and share this information to transact globally with confidence and security.  Buy, sell, meet up, apply for a job and much more with your Virtrue verified identity.  Trust so that you can transact.  Become VirtrueUs.



– Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts, USA
Your data defines you. Own it.

“We’re a happy band of developers, designers and entrepreneurs dedicated to the idea that the more control you have over your own data the more compelling your online experience will be, and the more privacy you will enjoy. Although the data wallet app is new and yet to launch, it stands on a technology platform that has evolved over several years by building solutions for PayPal, Google, Mydex, IBM, Equifax, Acxiom,, and others.” Private beta signup.

Paul Trevithick, CEO. Blog post: Why must a personal data ecosystem emerge? – San Francisco, California, USA
Get more out of your connections.

“Connect.Me is a San Francisco based company creating a personal layer for the social web. Build your reputation and gain access to respected people and communities across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Vouch for people you respect and get vouched for your skills or passions. At Connect.Me, we believe that privacy, control, and reputation are the big challenges and opportunities for the social web. We published the Respect Trust Framework as the first personal trust framework that gives individuals control over the personal data they share on the Internet or social networks.”

Joe Johnston, CEO and co-founder. Media contact: Drummond Reed on twitter, skype. +1.206.618.8530. Blog post: Connect.Me Joins PDEC Startup Circle for quotes from Johnston, Reed.


imageGluu – Bulverde, Texas, USA
A New Dawn for Federated Identity

“The Gluu Identity Appliance turns a public or private cloud instance into an organizational identity provider (IDP). The primary reason an organization would want to have an IDP is for single sign-on to several websites. Gluu leverages the Shibboleth SAML platform, which was developed by universities and is deployed at hundreds of institutions. The Identity Appliance greatly reduces the complexity of deploying and managing an IDP infrastructure.”
Michael Schwartz, CEO and Founder. +1-646-558-0023.


Kynetx – Lehi, Utah, USA

“Kynetx offers the first platform for connecting personal data stores with services and websites in a contextually aware and secure way. Pioneering the Live Web, Kynetx provides developers with a way to loosely-couple multiple systems and build applications that respond to who we are, what we are doing and what we are interested in. The Live Web promises to make everything around us more responsive to our unique interests and activities, whether on the web, on your mobile device and beyond.”

Phil Windley, CTO. email: twitter: kynetx website:


Mydex London, UK
Your data, your way

“Mydex’s mission is to help individuals realise the value of their personal data. We do this by providing individuals with Personal Data Stores and related services. Personal Data Stores help individuals gather, store, manage, use and share the information they need to manage their lives better. They provide individuals with tools to control what information they share with which people and organisations, when they choose.”

William Heath, Chairman. +44 (0)7973 115 024.
David Alexander – Chief Executive +44 (0)20 3239 6245 / +44 (0)771 747 3661


MyINFOSAFE – Wellington, New Zealand

“myINFOSAFE is a PC software application that helps you organize & protect your personal information.”

Ross Hughson, CEO and founder, Personal Information Management Ltd.


imagePeercraft – Copenhagen, Denmark.

“Peercraft is a commercial agent acting on behalf of and managed by its private users. Peercraft will help consumers discover relevant vendors and support their negotiations and transactions with vendors through value adding information processing, reputation building, and accountability.”

Henrik Biering, CEO. email.


imagePersonal InfoCloud – Bethesda, Maryland, USA.

“A social interaction design and analyst firm specializing in personal data reuse and vendor relationship management.”

Thomas Vander Wal, Principal. email. skype. +1 240.481.8063. blog.


PersonalPersonal – Washington, D.C., USA

“Personal is a web and mobile platform that enables individuals to own, control access to and benefit from their data by organizing and managing their information within our private data vault. We believe that people, not companies, should own their data and decide how it’s used.”

Shane Green, Co-Founder and CEO. Media contact: Josh Galper, +202 499 2441. email, @Personal.
Video about Personal.


Privo – Vienna, Virginia, USA
Privacy, Permission & Trust

“Privo is the trusted third party provider of age verification for minors and parent permission management solutions, enabling our customers to provide a safe online environment for minors.”

Denise Tayloe, CEO. Media: Carol Altarescu, +1-914–523–9578,


Project Danube
– Wien, Austria.
Open-Source Sofware for Identity & Personal Data Services

Project Danube is an open-source project offering software for identity and personal data services on the Internet. The core of this project is an XDI-based Personal Data Store – a semantic database for your personal data, which always remains under your control. Applications on top of this database include the Federated Social Web, the selective sharing of personal data with organizations, and much more.”

Markus Sabadello, CEO. twitter, +43 664 3154848. PDEC Startup Circle Statement from Markus Sabadello on Vimeo. (2:01)


Qiy – Boxtel, Netherlands

“Qiy is an independent and secure ‘utility’, which enables an individual to create an intelligent personal domain online, thereby giving individuals control, overview and insight into their data. In collaboration with world-renowned technology partners Qiy develops -with a communal objective- an independent and secure platform. With this platform Qiy creates a ‘digital home’ for the online user. Qiy users have the possibility to store their data in their Qiy domain as well as receive data from relevant organizations. In this way, individuals get a clear insight in their own situation because organizations present their data through the Qiy platform to the individuals. Organizations do not only give back the information they have to the individual, but also make available relevant applications. These applications enable individuals to get insight in their own situation. Qiy is an answer to the ever-increasing amount of data on the Internet and prevents the wandering of personal information on the Internet. Qiy is an ideal translated into an independent initiative for everyone. Qiy aspires to be socially relevant and considers corporate social responsibility (CSR) to be of great importance. This belief is expressed by a separate foundation that oversees the interpretation and implementation of CSR/charity projects resulting from the return of Qiy.” Redwood City, California, USA.
Take Control. Get Results.

“ is the global leader of online reputation management and privacy solutions. With customers in more than 100 countries, the company is working towards its mission to empower individuals and businesses with control of their information online.”

Michael Fertik, CEO and Founder, World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer 2011. Media contact: skype. +1-650-409-7371. twitter.


SinglySingly – San Francisco, California, USA.

“Singly provides the fabric for today’s most connected apps, empowering a new class of developers to create powerful new apps. Using our world class app connection platform, app creators can build remarkable in-app experiences with social integration, auth, data syncing, structuring and querying capabilities, all with ease. Developers are changing the world and Singly is helping them do it.

Singly was founded in 2010 and is based in San Francisco. Connect with us at and @singly.”

Jason Cavnar, CEO.


Synergetics – Antwerp, Belgium

“As an innovation company, Synergetics initiated multiple larger European, as well as Dutch and Flemish research projects (such as,,, Their results are consistently built into the Synergetics Life Management Ecosystem, which supports employability and health related business processes.”

Luk Vervenne, CEO.


SwitchBook – Santa Barbara, California, USA
Complex Searches Made Simple

“SwitchBook helps manage user-driven searches across multiple search providers and websites, creating a powerful new way to explicitly express search intent anywhere on the Internet.”

Joe Andrieu, CEO. email. +1 (805) 705-8651


imageThe Customer’s Voice London, UK.
You at the centre of your online buying

“The Customer’s Voice helps individuals better manage their supply relationships, and in doing so provides organisations with the reasons and means to engage with VRM-enabled individuals, to the benefit of both parties. Our service will launch as an application on the Allfiled platform in mid 2012.”

Iain Henderson, CEO. email. twitter. blog. Blogged remarks on joining the PDEC Startup circle.

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We currently have two classes of new startups that join the circle each January and June. To Learn more about joining the Startup Circle please contact Executive Director Kaliya Hamlin – @identitywoman.