Podcast Episode 10: Jim Fournier

In this podcast Kaliya Hamlin interview’s Jim Fournier from Planetwork on the 10th anniversary of the publishing in First Monday of The Augmented Social Network: Building Identity and Trust into the Next Generation Internet.

Podcast Episode 9: Matt Hogan

In this podcast Steve Greenberg talks with Matt Hogan, chief executive officer of DataCoup. DataCoup is offering what it calls the first marketplace for personal data controlled by the person. Hogan explains how marketplace. Recorded July 30, 2013.

More (European) Podcast Soon

I’m heading to Europe on Wednesday June 6th for three weeks. The travel plans and events are below. One of the main reasons I am going is to connect with the peoples and communities in Europe working on identity, personal data. I plan to come back with about 10 podcasts recorded with key people from […]

Podcast Episode 8: Cameron Lewis

In this podcast Aldo Castaneda talks with Cameron Lewis, chief executive officer of Statz. Statz lets individuals manage and profit from validating and selling their anonymized behavior and usage data to buyers in aggregated rerports. Lewis explains how marketplaces can maximize customer privacy while at the same time creating marketable data from those customers. He also describes […]