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An Alternative Point of View on Personal Data and Patents

PDEC member Stan Smith offers this guest blog post on patents and Personal Data.  Stan holds a number of patents, and feels this is a genuine method of doing the right thing.  From time to time we’ve noticed that patent-holders raise hackles among those who champion open source, and feel there is a major difference […]

Podcast Episode 9: Matt Hogan

In this podcast Steve Greenberg talks with Matt Hogan, chief executive officer of DataCoup. DataCoup is offering what it calls the first marketplace for personal data controlled by the person. Hogan explains how marketplace. Recorded July 30, 2013.

Introduction to Mydex CIC Personal Data Stores

Mydec CIC CEO David Alexander gives an hour talk about the Mydex Personal Data Stores.

Recent News from Startup Circle Companies

Here’s what’s happening with members of the Startup Circle: November 17, 2012: Personal launched their beta service: Techcrunch coverage Mashable’s coverage The Economist’s coverage … October 19, 2012: launched their developer platform at Web 2.0 Summit: RWW coverage John Battelle’s coverage … October 17, 2012: MiData Initiative announced in the UK. MyDex is one […]