Personal Cloud Gathering Sept 25th – Video’s from August 22

The next SF Personal Cloud Community Gathering is September 25th in downtown.

Please head over to the Eventbrite to register and learn who is speaking.

Jospeh Boyle record and posted the presentations from the last meetup you can find them here.

Trovebox by Jaisen Mithai – Daniel

Cozycloud – Benjamin Andre

Update on Nym Research – aestetix

Indie Box – Johannes Ernst

Following the presentations about the futures and what people are building now and how it links together – you can find them on the wiki.

Video: The Personal Data Locker

People often ask us to talk about how things will really work.

I think one of the best video’s articulating this is from David Siegel. He created the Video as part of the content for his book Pull. It demonstrates what the opening of your day would be like with your personal data locker.

Personal Data Locker Vision from dsiegel on Vimeo.

At the time of its publication he called for a Open Web Movement and Doc posted about that on our site.

Podcast Episode 10: Jim Fournier

In this podcast Kaliya Hamlin interview’s Jim Fournier from Planetwork on the 10th anniversary of the publishing in First Monday of The Augmented Social Network: Building Identity and Trust into the Next Generation Internet.

Personal Partners with FileThis & Adds Import Feature

Personal announced good news expanding it services to include the ability to get bills delivered to your vault via their partnership with All Filed.  It also has a new Import feature that makes it easy to add and update one’s information. Things that now can be updated include

  • Passwords from popular password managers to easily add your usernames and passwords to Personal
  • Education & Career History from LinkedIn and the U.S. Department of Education

They have a video to describe the integration.

They got coverage in the Washington Post :) The Download: Personal turns to partners to grow its customer base.

Customers on both platforms get:

  • Automatic Delivery: Import bills and statements to Personal as they become available.
  • Secure Storage: Personal protects data vaults with 256-bit AES encryption and RSA 2048 asymmetric key encryption.
  • Easy Access: Get bills and statements on the go with Personal’s iPhone and Android apps.
  • Secure Sharing: Securely share important documents through Personal with anyone in your life who needs access to them.

FileThis gets bills and statements from over 200 companies.

With the end of Beta Personal added an annual $29.99 fee and Shane talked about this fact in the Washington Post.

He added that some initial users even raised questions about the nonexistent price tag and preferred to pay a fee because it made the firm’s business model more transparent.

“They felt and told us that the fact that it wasn’t paid created issues and concerns around the true degree to which their privacy and security were being protected,” Green said.

There is also a post on his website about this