Workshop: The Role of Marketing in the Personal Information Economy

The Role of Marketing in the Personal Information Economy In two weeks, on April 26th, PDNYC (the Personal Data New York City Meetup) and PDEC (Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium) are hosting a workshop produced and presented by the Connected Marketer Institute, in association with Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business. The Role of Marketing in […]

Personal Data – The Heart of Connected Marketing

Michael Becker is the President of the PDEC Board of Directors.  Michael has been contributing regularly to LinkedIn’s Pulse feature, writing about Personal Data and Connected Marketing.  As Managing Partner of mCordis and the Connected Marketer Institute he has a strong focus on the Personal Information Economy (#PIE)  and how Personal Data is truly at the heart […]

When will Skype’s Users Stop Being Skype’s Customers?

“If you are not paying for it,     you’re not the customer;       you’re the product          being sold.”
posted on Metafilter’s “User-driven discontent” thread by blue_beetle at 1…

Supreme Court Strikes Down Vermont Prescriber Privacy Law

On June 23, 2011, in a 6-3 decision, the United States Supreme Court ruled in IMS Health Inc. v. Sorrell that a Vermont law prohibiting the sale of prescriber-identifiable data to drug companies was an unconstitutional violation of the First Amendment …